Bigger deer, year after year...


Dear Bill,

We are writing to tell you how very pleased we have been with the work you have done to improve our hunting property. Your knowledgeable consultations and insight have been on the mark from the beginning. You have made a tremendous improvement in our hunting experience by intelligently and artfully creating our 160 acres as fully wooded, with very little deer sign due to lack of nutritious forage. Thank you for directing us to a knowledgeable Forester to help facilitate finding an honest timber company, and all of the hard work you put into location, soil testing, fertilizing, pH balancing, tilling, planting and maintaining our food plots. We now have rubs and scrapes throughout the entire property, have multiple deer sightings, and can hardly walk without stepping on deer tracks! That is NOT an exaggeration. We have been able to harvest bigger deer, with more impressive antler growth this year, our best year ever. Thanks Bill!


Dave Whelan & Rhonda Whelan, D.O.

Plant it, and they will come!

Count me as a very satisfied customer of Bill Emery’s Wildlife Land Management Company. As someone who purchased a small parcel of hunting property three years ago, my hunting goal was to see bucks and hopefully some older age class bucks. In July of year two, Bill put in a new food plot for me adjacent to the swamp on the property. He also re-planted two existing plots at that time. The results were incredible. I put out one trail camera near the new plot and within one week I had 18 different bucks on camera. I had most fun I have ever had that hunting season. I was so impressed with the results that I followed up in year three by having Bill put in a new plot on the north part of the property.

Bill knows his stuff. What I like is that he’s a fellow hunter, he knew what I was talking about. He has years of experience managing lands of every soil type you can imagine. He knows what has worked best in the past on similar properties. You can tell him your plan and he’ll tell you if he has an idea that might work even better. By getting the soils to the right pH, with the proper micro-nutrients, you will have the best tasting food for the deer, where ever you might hunt. Believe me, the deer will find your food plots. Mine are in the woods and I would have to still-hunt when walking in, because there could be deer (including older bucks) feeding in them at any time of the day. You can go the trial and error route or you can hire a pro and do it right. Hiring Wildlife Land Management was the best move I could have made for my property.

Thanks Bill, Mike Jackson


Real results!

We have danced around with food plots and improving cover etc. for decades with little to no measurable gains. 4 years ago we started working with LTL on a comprehensive land management plan and the results have been nothing short of astonishing. Bill's expertise and holistic approach was just what we needed to put together a complete picture of not only where we wanted to go from a land and wildlife management standpoint but a detailed plan on how to get there with specific steps and real results. This is soil that is essentially sand and has never been able to grow anything other than scrub and dune grasses. The yield we are getting now is beyond our expectations to say the least.

Ben & Chris Kuncaitis