About Us

My name is Bill Emery and Wildlife Land Management is an outgrowth of my love of hunting. I started in the nursery and landscape industry and gained a technical understanding of how and why plants grow the way they do.

Like most people, the creation of food plots for myself and hunting friends was my first challenge. I soon realized that every piece of land was different and that just meant I needed to customize an approach to each situation. Development land ranged from good farm land (easy) to old abandoned landfills (difficult) and everything in between. Landowners attitudes ranged everywhere from “I generally know what I want but I just don’t have the time” to “I’ve tried everything, spent a lot of time and money and still don’t have anything to show for it - Help!”

I soon realized food plots were just one part of the puzzle. Adjoining properties, sanctuaries, thermal cover, trees, shrubs and water are just a few elements of a management program.

LTL offers a complete Wildlife Land Management program based on what YOU want. We don’t come in with all the answers, rather we approach each situation with questions about what you have, what you want to accomplish and what kind of resources you want to allocate. Some clients want to do parts of the program themselves, either because they want to save money or because they just like doing it. That’s fine with us. Success in the end is our only goal.

Whether it’s wildlife viewing or seeing the buck of a lifetime, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our Land Management plan. Call today and begin the process of getting the most out of the land you have.